Tower 24 Max

The Tower 24 Max is the heavy duty version of the Tower 24.
It is a vertical Lifter for big Remoteheads with a payload up to 60kg (132lbs) including the camera.
It can be mounted on a Camcar or be used stationary.
In combination with our Iso-Dampener you can optimize the Remotehead functions.


  • Total weight of Tower & Shockabsorber: 52 kg (115 lbs)
  • Payload of the AbsorberArm: 60 kg (132 lbs)
  • 2400 mm (~7,9 ft) Height / 2040 mm (~6,7 ft) Traveldistance
  • Variable Speed up to 1 m/s
  • Chain inside the Tower for command, power and video cable
  • Internal weight balancing system to reduce power consumption
  • Mitchellplate as base on the shock-absorber
  • Heavy duty transportation bag protects the Tower
  • Hand control for selecting speed and position
  • Powered from 36V up to 72 V

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  • 28kg Total Weight
  • 30kg Max Payload
  • 160cm Height
  • 130cm Traveldistance
  • 1 m/s Variable Speed
  • 34kg Total Weight
  • 30kg Max Payload
  • 240cm Height
  • 210cm Traveldistance
  • 1 m/s Variable Speed
T24 Max
  • 52kg Total Weight
  • 60kg Max Payload
  • 240cm Height
  • 204cm Traveldistance
  • 1 m/s Variable Speed


The ShockAbsorber reduces unwanted vertical movement of the RemoteHead
Weight (only the Arm): 4,3 kg
Weight (incl. Rubberplates): 4,9 kg
Weight (incl. Hardmount & Rubberplates): 6,7 kg
5-way adjustable spring and dampening characteristics
The ShockAbsorber can be rigged separatly with our Black-Tek-AirRig-System



The Powerpacks can be used as a powersource for the Black-Tek Tower or the Shotover G1 Gimbal, or any other device that needs to be powered. Currently we provide 24 V and 36 V packs with different capacities, but we can easily arrange Powerpacks with any other voltage and capacity needed. The Powerpacks are made of Lead-Acid cells which are very rugged and could be easily taken on a flight.