With our GearedHeadsimluator, you can practice gear head operation anywhere, anytime.
Our selfdeveloped software gives you a variety of realistic scenarios.
It is available for PC as well as Mac.
The camera position and the field of view can be adjusted freely.
Acceleration, speed, direction and damping can be set on all axis.


It includes:

  • 2x blanced and wheel encoders
  • 2x Universal-Clamps
  • Interfacebox with USB
  • USB Cable
  • Simulator-Software

Our own training software

The Simulator Software currently offers four scenarios:


This is a hard one - two players run after a ball, but you never know where to ... like soccer, only smaller


You are sitting in a CamCar controlling the RemoteHead outside.
With different Camera positions you can lead or follow the PictureCar.


Spheres are gliding and bouncing through the enviroment.
Your task is to follow or hit the spheres


This replaces the „Mechanical Geared Head with a laserpointer onto a wall“ scenario at a rental house.
You can upload your own Images to create your own maze.