With our GearedHeadsimluator, you can practice gear head operation anywhere, anytime.
Our selfdeveloped software gives you a variety of realistic scenarios.
The camera position and the field of view can be adjusted freely.
Acceleration, speed, direction and damping can be set on all axis.


It includes:

  • 2x blanced and wheel encoders
  • 2x Universal-Clamps
  • Interfacebox with USB
  • USB Cable
  • Simulator-Software

Our own training software

The Simulator Software currently offers four scenarios:


This is a hard one - two players run after a ball, but you never know where to ... like soccer, only smaller


If you like it a little more predictable, this is your place to chase behind cars.
They move always the same and you can improve your movements with each turn.


This is a calm scene, with two people sitting on a bench, while a little butterfly catches your attention.


This replaces the „Mechanical Geared Head with a laserpointer onto a wall“ scenario at a rental house.
You can move your virtual laserpointer through the labyrinth to train yourself.